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Ayubowan! Welcome To Holiday Lanka Tours official website. We are the team of tour consultants dedicated in providing a personalized service to all your travel needs in Sri Lanka. Holiday Lanka Tours is a family owned travel company with Over 20 years of experience in the Sri Lanka tourism industry. We offer great package tours to All around the island such as Honeymonn Tours,Wildlife Holiday,Cultural and Heritage tours. Holiday Lanka Tours also provides complete hotel or tourist inn accommodation along with tour packages. We are committed to understanding the needs of our clients We were able to meet a lot of friends around the world we could offer them a reliable and safe guidance. We can make sure This is your one stop online travel shop in Sri Lanka. We look forward to providing you our high standard of quality Service.  


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We are pleased to announce that our Holiday Lanka Tours official Sri Lankan number one inbound travel website.
We can make sure This is your one stop online travel shop in Sri Lanka find and book your perfect holiday.

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Sri Lanka is the most beautiful island country  in south asia. Including Landscapes, highlands and sandy beaches. if you are looking for amazing island holiday Sri Lanka is the best location for that.


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Want to experience the things most visitors never see? Plan your holiday with our great valuable Sri Lankan travel packages. our team will be making a perfect Sri Lankan holiday experience for you.
  1. Ayurveda Spa & Wellness Sri Lanka
    Ayurveda Spa & Wellness Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka has its own domesticst and very important traditional medicine system from the beginning of country. Sri Lanka Spa and Ayurvedic system has been practised of around the island It has over 3,000 years of colourful history. This medicine system is similar to Indian Ayurvedic tradition. Sri Lanka traditional Spa (Ayurveda) is a most important medicine system for the every traveller who visit in Sri Lanka.
  2. Sri Lankan Gems & Jewellery
    Sri Lankan Gems & Jewellery
    Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country located in southeast of Indian ocean also it is like a green paradise. Sri Lanka is a most famous country for Gems and jewelleries. The Gem and jewellery is one of the grate business industry of this island it has a very long and colorful history. You will be able to find the differant types of gemstones in sri lanka such as Ceylon Sapphires, Alexandrite, Star Stones and Tourmaline ect.. Also the Kingdom of Kandyan jewellery is comes from the hill capital of Sri Lanka. It has over 3000 years of valuable history. beginning of the Sri Lankan cultural triangle handmade jewellery was designed generally for the Sri Lankan royal families. But today will be able to find the thousand of jewellery shops all around the island.
  3. Sri Lankan Traditional Foods
    Sri Lankan Traditional Foods
    Sri Lankan foods are pretty different than other countries that can be hot or mild it's being a very much question of specific preference. Our traditional foods are uniquely for the Sinhala and Tamil cultural festivals. Today rice and curry is the central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine served with curry of chicken and fish or beef with mutton. Also Sri Lankan people are usually preparing special foods in every home for Sinhala and Tamil new year. Sinhala Auvrudu major food menu are Milk Rice (Kiribath), Konda Kevum, Kokis, Asmee, Mun Kevum and Athirasa are prominent.
  4. Sri Lankan Cultural Triangle
    Sri Lankan Cultural Triangle
    Perhaps Sri Lanka is one of the most famous islands in the world.This beautiful island has a vast and rich cultural diversity including fine arts, music, dance and visual arts. The island has been inhabited from very early times. The remains of monuments and urn burial grounds bespeak cultures old and now forgotten. Kandy is one of the best attraction and cultural destination in Sri Lanka. Kandy is in Central province of Sri Lanka. situated 115km from Colombo at 500 meters above sea level. A city replete with scenic beauty and salubrious climate, Kandy is the last capital of the long line of Sinhalese kings. One of the biggest Buddhist festivals is held In months of june every year it is the Kandy Perahara.
Sri Lanka is one of the best island country in the whole world located southeast of indian ocean. it has breathtaking landscapes, Wildlife, Cultural heritage and palm fringed beaches Sri Lanka is the right location for great vacation. 


Sri Lanka is one of those rare destinations that is so jam-pacred with alluring outdoorsy activities that visitors often bypass Colombo, choosing instead to spend their vacation days lounging on a southern beach, whale-watching off the coast or leopard-spotting in a national park.
Yet, Colombo offers so much as you'll discover in our comprehensive guide. Today, this colorful city with its laid-back island ambience, palm trees, heritage colonial buildings and smattering of modern office blocrs, is the perfect place to get a sense of where Sri Lanka is going after so many tumultuous years.
We've reviewed some of the best tourist packages on the island with prices to suit every budget, which we hope you will enjoy, as well as warm hospitality Sri Lanka is rnown for. However you choose to spend your vacation in Amazing Sri Lanka we're sure you will have the trip of a lifetime. Enjoy and happy vacationing.

How to have the perfect holiday in Sri Lanka




  1. $220.00
    Week End Getaways
    Now is the perfect time to take a Short Break with your family or friends. Holiday Lanka Tours weekend getaway tour package is ideal for anyone looking for a short trip in Sri Lanka.
  2. $350.00
    Sri Lanka Highlights
    Sri Lanka boasts some of the greatest biodiversity in asia. Our Highlights budget tour package design as a 07 day tour package Hurry up! reserve your package online.
  3. $490.00
    Island Explore
    This exotic holiday package covers all top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka such as cultural highlights, wildlife, tea plantations and beach. Book your package now without any deposit payment.
  4. $820.00
    Ultimate Sri Lanka
    Experience the our best of Sri Lanka island wide tour package with all inclusive tourist attractions. Discover stunning Sri Lanka with Holiday Lanka Tours ultimate travel package.